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The following documents were received from the Attorney-General’s Department under the Freedom of Information Act (1982). They pertain to a secret meeting between copyright industry lobbyists and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Much of this information has not been previously made publicly available. All information made accessible to me is now publicly available.

Analysis will follow in time. Those that know, understand my current personal situation precludes me from committing time to commenting and analysing the issue. For all comments, I’d recommend contacting Pirate Party Australia as I am informed they will now analyse the documents.

UPDATE: Renai Le May at Delimiter  has quickly picked up on one of the central themes of the documents – consumers were and continue to be excluded from the process. This exclusionary approach is standard practice for the Attorney-General’s Department.

UPDATE 2: Mozart has come straight to the point — what does transparency and open government look like in modern Australia?

UPDATE 3: Michael Lee at ZDNet has a good summary of the issues and themes within the released documents.


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