Like Pulling Teeth


Recently, I made a request for access to the Attorney-Generals Department for draft legislation which was refused because it would not be in the public interest to release such information. It was covered fairly comprehensively by Delimiter & The Sydney Morning Herald, the refusal to release advice, preparatory materials and other information was roundly condemned. Similar efforts to make material available by the Australian Greens, strengthened by their access to parliamentary processes were shut down as the major parties colluded to shut down access.

Now begins the long process of asking for a review via the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner(OAIC), and fighting for the documentation to be released [PR]. The text of the appeal is below. I’m informed by the OAIC that there is a huge backlog of appeals for review, meaning it could be months before the process even begins and a case officer is assigned.

This is a situation the Attorney General’s Department is fully aware of. Any request for internal review, would surely fail, simply because of the organisational confirmation bias and they know there is significant lag at the OAIC. The AGD are fully aware of the political sensitivity of the issue and the legislative changes they’ve sought, but are gaming the freedom of information process to strategically delay or preclude public scrutiny and debate. The process of actually bringing government bureaucracies into the 21st century, and acting in accordance with platitudes of ‘Open Government’ really is like pulling teeth.



  1. Transparency is like pulling teeth. || … #LOL

  2. Like Pulling Teeth:   Recently, I made a request for access to the Attorney-Generals Department for draft legisl…

  3. For context on the recent #natsecinquiry #dataretention #foi request, here’s @serkowski’s rejected FOI for the draft

  4. Hmm, Greg Sheridan, yes, yes there is draft legislation, but its being suppressed:

  5. AGD says ‘no #dataretention draft exists’ to @SenatorLudlam’s in #estimates, but that’s not indicated in FOI refusal.

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